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Writing an essay

Writing an essay may sometimes be challenging and exasperating. Students become extremely nervous when they have no ideas about writing their paper. However, in order to generate your own original ideas, it’s necessary to follow certain rules. In our article we will present you the tips on how to make your writing process really enjoying and easy.

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In order to compose a really good essay by yourself, you have to follow particular steps. Here we propose you a 10-step guide for accomplishing any writing assignment.

1. Make yourself a real expert in the field you are working with. Try using Internet, various databases and libraries. Make sure your research is deep.

2. Now, when you conducted some preliminary research, you need to analyze it. Take notes and think critically. Don’t be afraid of expressing your disagreement.

3. Brainstorming. Take up some additional time in order to think over everything you’ve read. Try generating your personal ideas on the basis of all the materials.

4. Write down a thesis statement. Pay special attention to writing it, since it will present a central idea of the whole work. Avoid being too wordy and imprecise.

5. Compose an introduction which would immediately grab the attention of the audience. Explain the ideas you are going to express in your body paragraphs.

6. Stick to your body paragraphs. Remember that you have to mention only those things which are presented in your thesis.

7. Conclusion. Try writing something really memorable. It may be a citation or a wrap-up sentence which will surprise your readers.

8. Proofread your paper. Never omit this stage of work, since it’s one of the most crucial ones.

9. Make sure you stick to all the requirements (style andformat).

10. Enjoy the writing process.

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