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How can I make my Dante term paper look organized?

Before you begin writing your Dante term paper, make an outline of how you want your paper to read.  Dante term papers, like any English term papers, must be worded carefully. Once you have your outline, you will then be able to systematically organize your thoughts and your document will flow in a logical manner.  Your paper must be neatly typed and printed on good quality paper. In a heading on every page, ensure that your name, your proposed degree and major, and the term that you are applying for are clearly mentioned. Some papers call for specific formats. You should always follow instructions clearly.

What kind of topics will I need to write a paper on?

You may have no choice as to your topic.  But if you do have a choice on your paper topic, then think about the type of paper that you are expected to produce.  For example, the topic “Dante’s Inferno” is a general one. Teachers have read lots of Dante term papers, so try to sound original.  If your objective is to write an overview, this topic is suitable. If your objective is to write a specific analysis, this topic is too general.  You must narrow it to something like “Mythological figures in Dante’s Inferno” or “Redemption in Dante’s Inferno”.

How long should my paper be?

Schools can ask you to write papers with a limited word length or page length and some universities may set no limits.  The schools that set a word limit are very particular that you adhere to their guidelines. If you are given a range of 1500 – 2000 words, go for 1700 words. Never write more or less words in this case. You may be asked for a 3000 word essay in which case you should make it between 2800 and 3000 words.

If I have worked with a friend on my papers, will that be accepted?

No.  By sharing ideas, you may have exactly the same content.  If your papers are the same, in whole or in part, this would be considered unacceptable.  You can get ideas from a conversation, but it is not recommended.

I have heard writing quotes in a paper make it more attractive.  Should I do this?

Quotes can make a paper attractive if they fit in with your content and flow.  But you must not insert a quote only because you have heard of its attractiveness. Some assignments call for quotes and if you are writing on Dante then you should include quotes that further your argument.

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