Amaya Gaming Sectors

Amaya Gaming Group, also referred to as Amaya Gaming, is a Montreal-based wagering enterprise that offers products for both land-based and online markets. Amaya is a type of conglomerate and the largest publicly traded wagering corporation in the world. The Toronto Stock Exchange-listed company has risen to the forefront of the gambling industry since 2014, when it acquired PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker for $4.9 billion. Amaya Gaming is headquartered in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Latin America.

Amaya Gaming develops lottery and slot machine software, in addition to products and services for online and land-based casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms. Additionally, it provides back-end services for the aforementioned. Software solutions are supplied by Amaya to some of the largest online wagering providers and casinos in the globe. However, the company also has agreements with industry-leading game developers such as Cryptologic and Aristocrat to produce their games. Licencing agreements have been established with prominent companies such as Capcom, DC Comics, Activision, and Paramount.

Gaming Management by Amaya Unknown Baazov

David Baazov serves as the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, and Managing Director of Amaya Gaming. As the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer since 2006, he is tasked with overseeing the organization’s daily operations and devising a strategy to execute his plan in order to optimize the company’s market presence. Mr. Baazov played a pivotal role in the establishment of the organization during the mid-2000s. He oversaw the process that culminated in the acquisition of PokerStars and StarsDraft and guided Amaya to its public listing on the TSX in 2013. In essence, Amaya’s inability to enter the consumer technology sector without Baazov would preclude the company from attaining the status of the largest publicly traded online wagering enterprise globally.

Mr. Baazov has received numerous accolades, including 2013 Québec EY Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young, 2012 TSX Venture Tech Executive of the Year, and 2013 and 2014 TSX Tech Executive of the Year. As a marketing executive and vice president of sales for Vortek Systems Inc., a well-known provider and distributor of computer hardware and peripheral accessories, he gained experience in the online wagering industry.

Sebag Daniel Sebag

Amaya was replaced by Mr. Daniel Sebag in July 2007. CEO David Baazov personally recruited him to manage the challenging financial aspects of the company’s transformation from a startup to a global leader. Subsequently, Mr. Sebag assumed additional significant responsibilities within the organization, including that of a director and the position of perpetual treasurer.

Mr. Sebag specializes in cost management, tax accounting, and financial reporting systems administration as a Certified Accountant. He oversees all treasurer duties and financial reporting for Amaya Gaming Group. Mr. Sebag obtained a direct entry into the team from the realm of academia, having completed a tenure of faculty lecturer at McGill University from 1999 to 2007. He oversaw a multitude of executive seminars in the fields of accounting and international finance during his tenure as the director of the International Executive Institute at McGill. Mr. Sebag was an independent financial, accounting, and IT consultant to a number of multinational corporations, including Ericsson, AT&T, and Air Liquide, during his tenure as a professor.

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